Francesca always dreamed of being a famous singer when she was growing up, often choreographing dance routines for her Britney Spears renditions! In her mid teens she discovered her love of writing and passion for makeup & beauty. Married with 2 kids later she has finally combined the two (alongside other passions she has grown to love) into this blog!

Why did I start blogging?

 I’m a mum of two beautiful boys. They take up the majority of my time, they are my first priority! When you become a parent as lovely and fulfilling as it is you can sort of lose yourself. You forget about all your hobbies and all the things you like to do because your children come first, and if you’re a parent you know that your whole day consists of making them happy. I love my children incredible amounts, I really wouldn’t change my situation for the world, yet I still have my own dreams and my own goals in life. I started blogging as a way to keep the writer in me alive, I’m also a photographer so I felt really compelled to develop my skill set rather than see it gradually deteriorate.

I find time where ever I can to take a few blog photos during the day. During the evening once the kids are in bed thats my time to write. I mean it doesn’t always work out so perfectly but I’m so passionate about this part of my life that I’m willing to work hard for it! Once I started blogging I realised I didn’t want to stop, I joined Twitter and found a massive community of people like me who enjoyed writing and had their own blogs. The blogging world is tough, there are so many people striving for the same thing and of course you want your blog to stand out and be noticed in the ocean of blogs out there. I hope thats what I achieve here!

My blog is lifestyle based so I write about anything and everything. Ever since I was a little girl I’d watch my mum and sister do their makeup until inevitably I grew fascinated with it. Makeup and beauty are a big part of my life so you’ll see a lot of that here, I’ve developed my skills without any training – I mean you can learn just about anything on the internet nowadays and I’m a fast learner! I’ve always been more interested in the creative jobs, I think creativity flows through my blood its something I just couldn’t live without.

I’m so glad to have started blogging, its opened me up to a world of opportunities that I never knew I had!


To contact me you can email me at: Francescaferrarinelson@yahoo.co.uk

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I’m more than happy to work with brands and collaborate with bloggers/companies so please feel free to contact me. Here you can see a few of the companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with –

I also write as a contributor to Reallyree.com where I’m lucky enough to work with many more beauty brands for review!

* All product reviews and ramblings are written with 100% my own honest opinion. I do state at the end of a post if it is a sponsored/collaboration piece following the rules and guidelines set out to bloggers who support sponsored content.