Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe


I have an appreciation for vegan, non dairy recipes. I’m also an avid baker so combining my baking skills with a good enough recipe often creates something of magic (I talk myself up don’t I)! Today I’m sharing with you a vegan banana bread recipe that we make fairly regularly, its a great one for if you have discoloured, mushy bananas that you don’t know what to do with. Continue reading

5 Styling Secrets Every Hair Dresser Is Keeping From Us


This piece has been written by Peter. He is a beauty and fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine. Beside writing he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AU. So, enjoy!


You know that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror at the hairdresser’s after they’ve worked their magic and what not, and you realize that with that hair you are actually red-carpet material? Ahhh… That moment right there is what most of us would kill to have on a daily basis, don’t you just envy celebs for having that privilege!? Continue reading

The Best Kiko Milano Nails This Autumn/Winter


My shopping addiction has hit its peak and with Christmas just around the corner I so desperately want to enjoy it. I hate being so stressed out by the pressure of Christmas and unfortunately for me this happens most years! This year I feel a lot more relaxed about it surprisingly, so although I’ve  been doing my fair share of Christmas gift shopping I’ve still managed to squeeze some time and money into buying a few little treats for myself!!! Continue reading

Adore Your Skin With Dermo28


Dermo28 are an Italian skincare brand that have recently become available to us in the UK. Dermo28 team together both knowledge and science to create skincare that sustains and rejuvenates the skin giving long lasting effects. Each product is still made in Italy which is an important value of theirs as it promotes elegance, beauty and quality. I was excited to get my hands on a few of the Dermo28 products after having a bad reaction to another skincare cream. Continue reading

How To Spot A Fake Friend!


Life is a funny thing, we’re taught right off the bat that making friends is the thing to do, well you can’t go through life without friends right? The only thing about making friends is how do we determine wether the people we are building those relationships with are genuine, nice, likeminded people? No matter how much you get to know someone, how much you have in common with them, there really is no telling how genuine they are; that is until they fuck up! Sometimes I wish this would happen sooner rather than later. Continue reading