Treatbox – January Edition


Its January, the start of a brand spanking new year. January is quite often the month that everyone tries to get themselves organised, buying new notebooks, diaries, setting themselves goals for the entire year (you see where I’m going with this). So when I received  my January Treatbox I was so ecstatic to find lots of lovely goodies that are so appropriate for the start of the ‘new year, new me’ phase! Continue reading

Volumise Your Locks With Batiste


You’ll know the struggle of trying to do something with your hair if you have super thick locks! I have super thick hair so doing anything, literally anything with it takes ample amounts of time. Even drying my hair is always a pain so I usually end up letting it dry naturally to avoid the stress. Letting my hair dry naturally can go one of two ways, it can dry wavy and look ready enough for me to head out or Continue reading

Could The L’or Des Pharaons Face & Body Mist Reverse The Effects Of Time?



L’or Des Pharaons translates to Gold of the Pharaohs. In ancient Egypt Gold has always been thought of as a very precious gift from the Gods. The Egyptians would use gold to stay young, healthy and beautiful. Gold would be used in the form of face masks in order to preserve and rejuvenate the skin whilst also supposedly expanding their life span. This is where the idea of L’or de Pharaons face and body mist came from. It has been developed through the research of ancient manuscripts and todays modern technology. Continue reading

New Year, New You?


Theres no denying that throughout the years of resolutions and goal making somewhere along the lines a stigma has been born. People say this ‘new year new me’ stuff is a load of old shit because no one sticks to their resolutions anyway. Now I’d be inclined to agree that the new year new me status’ we see plastered all over Facebook are quite frankly cringeworthy and cliché BUT if they motivate the person behind it, who are we to say otherwise!? For many people the start of a new year brings feelings of starting a fresh, redoing, making over, so why not start the year with a positive, motivational attitude right? Continue reading

Christmas Traditions


As a kid Christmas was the most exciting time of year. I always looked forward to Christmas, decorating the tree, lacing the house in lengths and lengths of tinsel and homemade paper chains, eating my body weight in food and most importantly unwrapping the coolest 90’s toys ever! We all celebrate Christmas differently and we all have our own traditions too, during my childhood Christmas was a really special time of year in our house. Continue reading

Whats In The BIG Lush Christmas Box??


I remember as a teen growing up I’d often receive Lush products at Christmas, its like the done thing right?! Only at that age I was more concerned with how much makeup I was getting so I never fully appreciated the wonder that Lush really is. Now its a different story, I rarely get Lush gifts at Christmas only I wish I did!! I’m a huge Lush fan, I envy the aroma that drifts out of the shop as you walk past and often find myself wondering why my bathroom doesn’t smell nearly as amazing! Continue reading