Lets Bake, Gluten Free Bunting Biscuits!


Todays post has been written by the lovely Sam over at Petiteolive blog. She has newly been diagnosed with a wheat and gluten intolerance so makes gorgeous, yummy bakes to suit those needs. You can check out more of her recipes over at her blog, but for now enjoy this beautiful recipe and get baking!


I’m not going to deny it, the Great British Bake Off being back on TV has inspired me to get the old mixing bowls out and get creative! All my food posts are gluten and wheat free, and as you don’t usually get to see this on the bake off, I’ve taken inspiration from the show and made these adorable Bunting Biscuits! The biscuit recipe itself is super basic, as I wanted to get creative with the decorating side of things, but this still makes the most delicious, melt in the mouth biscuits!

To make the biscuits you will need:

250g Butter (softened)

140g Caster Sugar

1 Egg Yolk

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

300g Doves Gluten Free Flour

75g Chocolate Chips (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Mix 250g of softened butter and 140g of caster sugar in a large bowl with a wooden spoon. Add 1 egg yolk and 2 tsp vanilla extract and beat together. Sift in the 300g of flour and stir until the mixture is well combined. (You might need to get your hands messy for this part)!

2. Once you have your dough rolled out cut into triangles, use a skewer to create two small holes for your ribbon or string to go through later.


3.Bake for 12-15 mins. When you take them out of the oven they will still be soft but will harden as they cool. Whilst the biscuits are cooling make your choice of coloured icing!


4. Now for the fun part. Decorate! Use a jam or spread to stick the icing onto the biscuit (I used a pre made one, but you can make your own) I used white icing to create polka dots and edible flower decorations. Finish off by carefully threading ribbon or string through your biscuits.


Eat & enjoy! Or just sit and look at them because, really, they’re too cute to eat.

For more gluten and wheat free recipes check out my blog Petite olive and follow me over on Twitter @petiteoliveblog x



  1. Julie September 16, 2016 / 1:26 pm

    Oh they are so cute what a nice idea 🙂

    • cheskaaanels September 16, 2016 / 1:52 pm

      Aren’t they!? How cute would they be for a tea party? Bet kids would doing these too!

  2. Marta September 16, 2016 / 1:57 pm

    They look so cute! I’m so sorry for the author to be wheat intolerant, it makes life so difficult!

  3. La French Connection (@ConnectionLa) September 16, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    Oh that’s a nice recipe!
    I tried to make a gluten free brioche once but unfortunately (and I should have guessed it would happen) the flour didn’t rise. Which is why I think that kind of biscuits work perfectly well with gluten free flour 🙂

    • cheskaaanels September 16, 2016 / 6:35 pm

      Oh no so pants that it didn’t rise!!

  4. lastchance3 September 16, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    These are so cute! I wouldn’t want to eat them when I was done!

  5. flowerpowerlife September 16, 2016 / 6:51 pm

    I don’t need to avoid gluten so I wouldn’t normally go for this, but they look beautiful and so tempting!

    • cheskaaanels September 16, 2016 / 11:04 pm

      I don’t need to avoid gluten either but what a lovely guest post for the people that do 🙂

  6. melissazia90 September 16, 2016 / 7:44 pm

    Wow these look amazing! They would be great for a party 🙂

  7. Jenni September 16, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    Ooh lovely, too pretty to eat though haha x

    • cheskaaanels September 16, 2016 / 11:05 pm

      I’ll let my guest blogger know! Thank you!

  8. Nicolas Puegher September 16, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    We can see the love you add to your cooking, looks very tasty and they are I am sure, thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Elizabeth O. September 17, 2016 / 1:34 am

    How festive and adorable are these cookies! I love how you styled them afterwards as well, perfect for parties and picnics with the kids. I think it’s awesome to learn as much gluten free recipes as you can, it’s really healthy.

  10. Jessica Ayun September 17, 2016 / 4:05 am

    Rarely seen biscuits in a triangular shape with so much details. Love this idea that adds on the attractiveness of the biscuits.

    • cheskaaanels September 17, 2016 / 8:09 am

      Makes them extra cute and what a great Idea!

  11. katykicker September 17, 2016 / 7:16 am

    Wow – these look adorable! They are ideal for a party or celebration too!

    • cheskaaanels September 17, 2016 / 8:09 am

      Yes they would be lovely at a party!!

  12. carrie@thelavenderhytta September 17, 2016 / 8:21 am

    omg these are adorable! They are almost too cute to eat! I bet they taste amazing as well!

  13. hannahhowell912 September 17, 2016 / 10:34 am

    These look amazing and it’s so good that they are gluten free!

  14. Rachel September 17, 2016 / 10:34 am

    I think they are just far too cute to eat, despite looking really tempting x

  15. cattitudeandco September 17, 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Oh my goodness, these are so adorable! Bet they taste great.

  16. Made From Beauty September 17, 2016 / 8:40 pm

    These look super yummy! I wouldn’t have believed that they were gluten free!

  17. nicol September 17, 2016 / 9:13 pm

    i really love that ribbon idea! never would have thought of it myself and great as a gift too 😀

  18. Rachel September 17, 2016 / 10:02 pm

    Awh these are so cute, I love the idea of bunting biscuits! xo

  19. jennifer L September 18, 2016 / 7:02 am

    These are so cute! I could see them be amazing for an afternoon tea party. Will be saving these to make for friends and fam.

    • cheskaaanels September 18, 2016 / 12:54 pm

      Yes me too!! I desperately need to make some!

  20. bericebaby September 18, 2016 / 9:20 am

    Oh my goodness! Love these <3
    I will have to try these for my gender revel.
    Thanks so much for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  21. Dunja September 18, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    They look super tasty and the fact that they’re gluten free is always a plus x

  22. dearmummyblog September 18, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    These bunting biscuits are super cute! Would be perfect for a kids party! Love the colours you’ve used xx

  23. Zoe L September 18, 2016 / 10:59 pm

    They look super cute, I bet they are tasty too?

  24. Annie B September 19, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Going to have to do the same as most and say omg… how cute! They look so delicate!

  25. Kira C September 19, 2016 / 11:24 pm

    Edible decorations – perfect! They look so lovely, I would love to try them!

  26. Jessica & James September 20, 2016 / 10:09 am

    These are super cute! What a cute idea and so great that it’s suitable for all!

    How cute would that be for a picnic or afternoon tea party! Would’ve but hate to ruin them by eating it all! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

  27. kikicarlson September 20, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    What a great recipe. We are switching to gluten free so this is going on the list to try!

  28. Life as Mum September 20, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    They look so pretty. I love homemade biscuits

  29. Claudia H. Blanton September 21, 2016 / 4:18 am

    oh my, those look almost too beautiful to eat. I am not sure mine would come out that pretty, great recipe, blessings!

  30. Milly Youngman September 21, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    These look so cute! They’d definitely make great gifts 🙂

  31. LaaLaa (@LaaLaaMonroe) September 22, 2016 / 9:38 am

    So pretty, gluten free, pretty much a win win. Now I’m craving sme biscuits lol x

  32. Rhian Westbury September 22, 2016 / 10:47 pm

    The icing has come out so well. I must be the only person in the world though who doesn’t watch the bake off. I’m always looking at getting creative in the kitchen though x

    • cheskaaanels September 22, 2016 / 11:13 pm

      Oh gosh you should its so good! I don’t know why I enjoy watching it so much but I do!

  33. Daniella Keating September 29, 2016 / 8:47 am

    These are the cutest biscuits! I love the decoration.

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