Elf On The Shelf – Week One


Christmas is such a magical time of year, its that time of year you’ll often hear me singing cheesy Christmas songs around the house and admiring the Christmas tree as if its some sort of masterpiece! I’m crazy about Christmas, nothing makes its more special to me than seeing the children enjoying it! I can 100% say that bar being a child yourself on Christmas, having Children and watching them open their presents or get excited about Santa is what I look forward to the most! Children are incredible, we already know that but there is something different about children at Christmas time, they create in their minds this wonderful, magical world and since I’m a big kid when it comes to Christmas I can’t help but join in! For years I’ve watched people entertain their children with Elf on the shelf and all the amazing things they get up to, I’ve waited for what feels like an eternity to be able to do it with my children and finally with my eldest who is now 4 it seems like the perfect time to start! I hope you enjoy seeing what our Elf, Alfie is getting up to week by week this festive period!!


Day One – The Arrival

We faffed about trying to get hold of one large rounded balloon that we could transform into something that resembled a hot air balloon. I had this rather cool image in my head, I had strings ready to stick on to make it look authentic too BUT we couldn’t get a balloon like the one I had envisioned so… we compromised and left the shop with 1 red heart shaped balloon and 2 green circular balloons (It is what it is)! Unfortunately Alfie was too heavy to actually make the thing float so instead he had to be propped on the window ledge as if he had just landed!

What the kids believe – Alfie travelled through the window on his magical air balloon from the North Pole to welcome Christmas into our home! We then had to release the hot air balloon back into the sky so it could go back to the North Pole since there is a shortage of them and all that!

(Oh and in the excitement of  it all I forgot to take just one simple photo so here is a screenshot  from a video instead!)


Day Two – Getting to know Elsa

We always have popcorn seeds in the house so we ended up making popcorn for two, Alfie and Elsa. We sat them in front of the sofa, made it look somewhat cosy and that was that. There wasn’t much preparation for this one, making our second night much easier than the first!!

What the kids believe – Alfie started to make friends and Elsa took a liking to him. They managed to make themselves some popcorn and had a movie night on the sofa! My eldest thought the sight of them getting close was ‘yucky’ and told us Alfie doesn’t need a girlfriend!

Day Three – What went wrong!?

We found a big enough container to shove Alfie in, filled it with water and put him in the freezer. Another easy one for us… until the morning! The plan was to come down stairs in the morning, get Alfie out of the pot and pop him on the floor making it look as if Elsa froze him. Except we couldn’t find Elsa anywhere!! We checked under the sofa, in the toy chest, in the bin!!! Nowhere! So we improvised and used Olaf!

What the kids believe – Elsa decided she no longer likes Alfie so she froze him to be mean and ran away. Olaf happened to see what happened and stayed with Alfie in a state of shock!

(We later found Elsa that morning after unfreezing Alfie from the block of ice using my hairdryer!)

Day Four – Frat party

We nearly forgot about Alfie this night but it was an easy one so we set it up just before going to bed. We made a toilet paper trail down the stairs and put Alfie in the middle of the roll. Found a few superheroes and other toys that the boys enjoy playing with and stood them together, making it look like a frat party initiation!

What the kids believe – The superhero toys made Alfie throw himself down the stairs in the tissue roll for fun, Alfie liked it and thought it was a fun ride. Now he’s in with the cool kids!

Day Five – Go Ape Zipline

After many attempts to keep the husband awake long enough to help me I eventually gave up and did this one on my own. After frantically trying to find the string I climbed up high enough to get to the top of our 7ft Christmas tree (I’m 5,2 may I add). I managed to attached the string in a knot without breaking my neck, made a zipline to the stair banister and hung Alfie on the line. After all the climbing it was a pretty simple one.

What the kids believe – Alfie made himself a zipline to travel down when all the other toys wanted to get an early night. He seems to be having a lot of fun by himself!

Day Six – Wrestle Mania

This was a funny one. We brought the kids wresting ring out and make it look like there was a tag team wrestling duo fighting Alfie. Posing them was harder than I thought so it was heavily dependant on the strings from the wresting ring, but we did it!! Check Steve Austin climbing the ropes (pretty proud of this one)! We also drew angry eyebrows on Alfie so he could get into the spirit of things. We gathered a crowd of toys too, not too sure at this point if Elsa was cheering on the wrestlers or Alfie!

What the kids believe – Alfie was being beaten up by the wrestlers and none of the toys helped him, they also drew eyebrows on his face!! My eldest ran to Alfie’s aid and beat all the toys up in his honour!


Day Seven – Bad Bowels

My eldest has this thing about poop, pretty sure its a boy thing but he’s obsessed with using the word! He finds anything poop related hilarious, hence his love for The Dinosaur that pooped a planet and other various poopy books! So keeping that in mind we put Alfie in the sink and threw in quite a few chocolate chips depicting Elf poop!

What the kids believe – Alfie pooed chocolate in the sink. Adamant that the little droplets were chocolate my eldest decided to eat some whilst laughing his head off. He really enjoyed trying to gross me out with his hunger for droppings!


Our first week has gone fast! The anticipation of coming downstairs to see what Alfie has been getting up to is getting really exciting for the kids and we’ve been really enjoying their reactions to them! What will the Elf do next?

Have you been doing Elf on the Shelf this year?


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64 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf – Week One

  1. This is the most cutest and most entertaining Christmassy read I’ve read so far! I’m actually soooo excited to read more, I feel like a big child and reading what they children though it’s just so innocent and ahhhh I love it! Such a great idea and I love the dedication guys! Look forward to next week!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwh YES!!!! haha thank you! The kids are loving it so much they can’t wait to get downstairs in the morning! Really glad you enjoyed the read and seeing what Alfie got up to! More next week!! YAY!


  2. You have thought of some truly creative and hilarious ways of posing Alfie. You had me laughing so much whilst reading this post. I love the thought of your eldest trying to gross you out by eating “droppings”!


  3. THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE EVER READ!!! I love this idea so so much 🙂 🙂 its the cutest thing ever…as are you and your family! I want to do this with my kids one day whenever i have kids aha. so so so so cute, you’re adorable!! xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Our elf, Eva Ella, joined us last year and we have had so much fun with her. The kids were really excited when she returned this year. Love the frozen by elsa idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These are such good ideas! Last year my mum went into hospital and left me and my dad to sort the elf out… we weren’t very good at it and my dad made a cocaine joke because we are three years old, haha (we did change it before my sister saw)! Might have to steal some of these ideas for this year!xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Looks like Alfie is having a great time, i’m loving all of these Elf on the shelf antics, not sure I could be so creative, and would probably fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night trying to throw something together x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. HAHAHA. This is great! I really wish I’d have bought an Elf! I LOVE that Olaf froze him, haha. I can imagine the look on your little ones faces! Brilliant post and fantastic ideas! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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