Elf On The Shelf Week Two


If you had the pleasure of reading last weeks Elf on the shelf you’ll know that we are really getting into the swing of things now! This week Alfie has been getting up to a load more antics and here they are for your own inspiration/entertainment! I feel like I’m enjoying this more than I should be, its definitely entertaining us and keeping us busy over an evening and seeing how exciting its been for the kids every morning makes it all the better!

Day Eight – Sports Day

I thought it would be a cool idea to try and make it look as if Alfie was having a good old fashioned sack race, which seems to be an easier idea said than done! I grabbed a pair of socks thinking they would make good enough sacks, only catch is that Alfie doesn’t actually stand up! I eventually came up with the genius idea of using a small glass to sit him in (honestly I have no common sense)! We placed a bunch of smaller toys on both sides of the track and made a candycane finish line to make it really believable. The candy canes became sticky fast and didn’t even join together how I thought they would!

What the kids believe – Alfie and one of the wrestlers decided on having a sack race to settle their disagreement last week! Alfie snuck socks out of my bedroom but its okay because he won the race.

To be honest I think the whole sack thing was a bit lost on the kids, they knew it was a race but wondered why Alfie was sporting a saggy sock!

Day Nine – Lego Ambush

I’d been inspired this particular night after gift wrapping. I cut a few strips of glittery tape, propped Alfie up onto the wall and stuck him down well enough so that he would still be up there by the morning! (Alfie seems to be terrible at making friends doesn’t he!?) This time it was the lego people, we have tons of them so thought this would be a cute idea, although it wasn’t cute or clever!! Every single lego character was completely dismembered in a large pot of lego!! Some torsos had arms missing, some bottoms had legs missing, every single character had to be put together piece by piece to resemble any sort of person at all!! It took FOREVER!! Finally when I had assembled enough lego characters to create an angry mob I shoved the rest of the lego back in the tub and tried to forget about it!

What the kids believe – The angry Lego people don’t like Alfie very much so they decided to stick him to the wall so he couldn’t get up to any nonsense! Both boys were very excited to help Alfie down off the wall. They then proceeded in punishing the Lego characters… taking them apart AGAIN after all that work!


Day Ten – Dinosaur adventures

This night we planned on getting Alfie to do a spot of baking, but as it approached 11pm we thought we’d save that for another day. Then we decided we’d get Alfie to make a camp fire but we didn’t have what we needed, the husband tried to get it from the shop but the shop had closed! Finally we spot the dinosaurs near the kids toys! Ha, a pretty easy one this night! BUT we did make a little rein for Alfie to hold, safety and all that!

What the kids believe – Alfie decided to go on a trek and rounded up a group of dinosaurs to go with him. The boys enjoyed this one and found it funny that Alfie chose a dinosaur to ride on when there were cars available!

Day Eleven – Camp Fire

We’d left it late again this night, it was almost 11pm. The husband lept out of the house and made it to the shops in time before they closed this time. He picked up a £1 bag of marshmallows so that Alfie could finally make his own camp fire! We stuck a stick to Alfie’s hands, popped a roasted marshmallow on the end, gave him a supply of marshmallows and a candle to burn them on and that was that! Alfie is being treated like a little king whilst he stays with us don’t you think!?

What the kids believe – Alfie made a midnight snack of roasted marshmallows when all the other toys were sleeping. Both kids could hardly wait to find Alfie this morning, as soon as they spotted him they both ran over stealing their share of marshmallows that they literally scoffed down in 0.4 seconds!!


Day Twelve – A Berry Happy Morning

My eldest is now at the point where he is trying to give Alfie ideas himself! Just before having his bath and going to bed he says to me “Mummy, maybe Alfie will make smoothies for us tomorrow!! That will be good!!!”. You could argue that maybe hes a very smart 4 year old who has clocked on that its us doing these things and not Alfie, although I doubt it or else he has some serious acting skills! Anyway, I’d been wracking my brain about how I was going to make smoothies with no blender since ours broke. Talking to the husband I was like “Right lets mash up some berries as much as we can, add some milk and BOOM – smoothie” then I was met with his reply “Why don’t we just buy some smoothies from the shop and put it into a cup?” MIND BLOWN!!! Forgive me for my lack of brainwave energy guys, I honestly don’t know why I never think of the simple route!!

What the kids believe – Alfie spent his night mashing up blueberries and making a milky mess all to produce one small glass of smoothy just for them!! The look on my eldest face that morning was a real picture!!


Day Thirteen – Toilet paper shenanigans

Seeing other peoples Elf on the shelf ideas I’ve noticed that putting toilet roll around the Christmas tree seems a pretty standard one that you have to do at least once. I wanted to take that idea and do it on a bigger scale, yep I’d say I’m pretty competitive! I took two rolls of toilet tissue and draped them all over the room, from the tree to the bannister, to the tv, and the light fittings!! This was a super fun one, there is something quite therapeutic and childlike about doing something naughty and blaming it on someone or some-elf!

What the kids believe – Alfie was really naughty, he stole our toilet roll and threw it around the living room!! They found Alfie sitting on top of one of the light fittings, safe to say he got a good telling off when he came down!

Day Fourteen – A Flour-ey slope

My genius husband came up with this idea and I couldn’t wait to take on the challenge! He thought it would be really cool if we made a flour heap for Alfie to sleigh down, only we didn’t have a mini elf sized sleigh! I love getting crafty so whilst dinner was cooking and the kids were preoccupied with something else I tucked myself away in the kitchen creating a sleigh out of a cat food box and tape! Honestly this was one of the most fun and productive things I got up to that day. Making the sleigh was really easy, I even decorated it with red glittery tape, a bow at the front and some reins for Alfie to hold onto! Then we made a huge mess with the flour and propped Alfie on top, what a joy it was to clean up!

What the kid believe – Alfie used our flour to make pretend snow so he could do a bit of sleighing whilst he was feeling home sick! The kids were so gob smacked that morning, then they ran flour across the whole living room and covered Alfie init!



This week we have noticed the kids growing even more excited every single morning keen to get down the stairs. Even my youngest (1yo) has been thoroughly enjoying it, he’s totally hooked on the Christmas magic like his older brother. Let week 3 COMMENCE!!


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40 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf Week Two

  1. I swear we just can’t get over this series! Even we’re keen to read every week now and defo looking forward to the next one! All these ideas are so creative and is just the best thing ever! Can’t wait to have kids of our own and do this ahhh

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha so glad you both love it so much!! Was unsure whether I should do this series on the blog but thought it would be entertaining enough!! Ahhh last nights Elf on the shelf was so funny I can’t wait to put next weeks up already!! xox


  2. I am so loving this series and having so much fun reading about all of the naughty things Alfie has been getting up to. You are doing a magnificent job thinking up things and your children will have such wonderful memories of this. I can’t wait to read the next installation!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are brilliant! I love sports day and the dinosaur one. My friends have an elf but we seemed to have bypassed it. Probably a good thing as I’m terrible at remembering!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Elf on the shelf has become such a tradition in so many households. I think if we had an elf on our shelf our 4 year old Choc Lab would tear him to shreds so we won’t be starting that tradition here! Love seeing everyones creative ideas though x

    Liked by 1 person

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