Whats In The BIG Lush Christmas Box??


I remember as a teen growing up I’d often receive Lush products at Christmas, its like the done thing right?! Only at that age I was more concerned with how much makeup I was getting so I never fully appreciated the wonder that Lush really is. Now its a different story, I rarely get Lush gifts at Christmas only I wish I did!! I’m a huge Lush fan, I envy the aroma that drifts out of the shop as you walk past and often find myself wondering why my bathroom doesn’t smell nearly as amazing! There are some pretty stand out products that I buy time and time again from Lush, such as their Skindrink Moisturiser and Cup O’ Coffee face scrub and mask that you can read about in more detail here.

If there is one product you should be putting in your bath it has to be and always should be a Lush bath bomb! Lush bath bombs are almost a luxury for me now, with being a mum its hard to find that time where you can take some time out to relax and pamper yourself, so I was super excited when I came home from a blogger meet up to find this big box of Lush goodness waiting for me!! It turns out that one of my friends who works at Lush was given one from her store, she thought I would really appreciate it instead and passed it on!! Lovely huh?!

So whats inside the big Lush box??



This isn’t one I’ve tried before but I’m really excited to give it a go with its vibrant orange colouring and refreshing scent. Ingredients include Bergamot oil, Sicilian Mandarin oil, Fresh satsuma juice, and thats just a few!



Golden Wonder

This is another bomb I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet but its so intriguing! Its shaped into a present and if you shake it, it rattles like a real present. It also leaves adorable little stars floating around your bath. Some of the Ingedients included are Sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil.



Shoot for the stars

Now this is one I’ve tried and its actually my favourite Lush bomb!! Its honey scented and creates a beautiful sea of cobalt blue! I love the glittery stars in this one too, I’m a glitter fairy okay! A few of the ingredients in this one are, coconut cream, Brazillian orange oil and Bergamot oil!



Luxury Lush Pud

This is a gorgeous little festive looking bomb thats suppose to be great for night time use as it helps you into a deep, tranquil sleep! This one melts into a range of vibrant colours and Ingredients include Lavender oil and Ylang Ylang oil!




This is one I’ve heard so many amazing things about but haven’t tried for myself yet. Infuse this little vanilla bear into your bath for a beautifully scented perfume, it also includes Fair Trade cocoa butter making it perfect to show your skin some TLC. How lush!?



Northern Lights

Again this is one thats had a whole lot of praise especially when it comes to the vibrant, contrasting mix of colours it streams into your bath. You’ll find Jasmin Absolute and Ylang Ylang in this one creating a sensual atmosphere to lighten your spirits!



Star Dust

This is a really simple, elegant looking bomb but don’t be fooled! It fizzes into your bath creating a stunning pastel blue colour. Its ingredients includes soothing Vanilla Absolute, rosewood oil, bergamot oil and sea salt.



Father Christmas

This is the father of the Christmas themed bombs! The colour on the outside is deceiving because it actually leaves a green colour to your bath that represents holly. This bomb also smells of Candy floss so if you’re a fan of Snow Fairy this should be your go too bath bomb this season.




This is a festive bomb like no other, apparently more romantic than being beneath the mistletoe itself! It fizzes an array of floral colours into your bath and is suppose to smell pretty amazing! Its mix of ingredients includes Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang oil and vetivert oil.



A good thing to know is that all Lush products are suitable for Vegetarians. About 80% of their products are suitable for vegans. They do use milk and honey in some of their products because of the benefits they give to our skin, but everything Vegan friendly is labelled! Lush also fight against animal testing this includes vetting where they obtain their ingredients from, making sure no animals are harmed in the producing of their products.

The Christmas Bathtime Favourites box retails at £39.95 so if you are doing any last minute Christmas shopping, show someone a little love this Christmas with Lush! They do gift cards too!!



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71 thoughts on “Whats In The BIG Lush Christmas Box??

  1. That’s so sweet of your friend! I can only say I’ve owned one lush product and have never tried a bath bomb🙈 But since reading so many Lush posts, I really want to and that bear is top of my list! Ugh jel! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The bear is amazing I actually used it a couple of days ago now and my skin felt so soft and well moisturised!! Its going to be a regular I think!! The smell when it fizzed into the bath also was more than amazing!!


  2. One word – Beautiful! lol Gosh I haven’t gone into Lush for so long. I really hope my mother in law continue with her tradition and buy me some Lush goodies this year. Lush always have so many amazing things. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely Lush! I was introduced to it all by my son of all people. Now my daughter’s are fans too. So I’m off shopping tomorrow and Lush is definitely on the list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not a big bath person but can easily understand why people love Lush. I actually got something from Lush for my dad as he loves baths. Such a fab selection! I wish i was someone who could relax in a bath x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have never actually bought any Lush products before, I hear many good things but not yet bought anything mostly because I have a shower in my home and I want to try bath bombs but I have no tub lol

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooh these sound lovely. I want to get into having more baths. Would have loved to see what colours they turn too! That’s what i find most fascinating about lush products, the change in colour (kinda sad) x

    Liked by 1 person

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