Christmas Traditions


As a kid Christmas was the most exciting time of year. I always looked forward to Christmas, decorating the tree, lacing the house in lengths and lengths of tinsel and homemade paper chains, eating my body weight in food and most importantly unwrapping the coolest 90’s toys ever! We all celebrate Christmas differently and we all have our own traditions too, during my childhood Christmas was a really special time of year in our house. Continue reading

Whats In The BIG Lush Christmas Box??


I remember as a teen growing up I’d often receive Lush products at Christmas, its like the done thing right?! Only at that age I was more concerned with how much makeup I was getting so I never fully appreciated the wonder that Lush really is. Now its a different story, I rarely get Lush gifts at Christmas only I wish I did!! I’m a huge Lush fan, I envy the aroma that drifts out of the shop as you walk past and often find myself wondering why my bathroom doesn’t smell nearly as amazing! Continue reading

Elf On The Shelf Week Two


If you had the pleasure of reading last weeks Elf on the shelf you’ll know that we are really getting into the swing of things now! This week Alfie has been getting up to a load more antics and here they are for your own inspiration/entertainment! I feel like I’m enjoying this more than I should be, its definitely entertaining us and keeping us busy over an evening and seeing how exciting its been for the kids every morning makes it all the better! Continue reading

Get To Know Me With ‘The Blogger Tag’


If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I don’t really delve into the world of talking about my personal life. This isn’t really intentional I just wasn’t aware people would be interested in reading about parts of my life (I’m really not that interesting), but results on my Twitter poll tell me otherwise. I thought I’d start off with a little get to know me post and since Food and Baker volunteered me for the blogger tag it just felt so right to start here! So enjoy the first post of many ‘personal’ additions that will be making an appearance, its all for you guys! Continue reading

Elf On The Shelf – Week One


Christmas is such a magical time of year, its that time of year you’ll often hear me singing cheesy Christmas songs around the house and admiring the Christmas tree as if its some sort of masterpiece! I’m crazy about Christmas, nothing makes its more special to me than seeing the children enjoying it! I can 100% say that bar being a child yourself on Christmas, having Children and watching them open their presents or get excited about Santa is what I look forward to the most! Continue reading